Community Activism & Advocacy


Author Sine Boe's Community Activism & Advocacy

Author Sine Boe is passionate about helping others and using her voice for good. She shines a light on history and inequality and puts the spotlight on local causes, businesses, individuals, and organizations through her community news site the St. Augustine Connection. 

She is also active in her local community through advocacy, volunteering, fundraising, and organizing events that support the causes she believes in. 

Her entire family is dedicated to protecting nature and the environment, and on MLK Day they bring it all together by co-hosting an annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service community and cemetery cleanup event partnering with local organizations, schools, and businesses. The event draws people together from all over Northeast Florida, and it culminates with the participants joining the annual MLK Day march in downtown St. Augustine, Florida.

Sine Boe is also committed to helping other authors, and she connects authors and book lovers through Facebook groups and on her social media channels.

Community Activism and Advocacy Causes

Founded in 2021 as the West Augustine News Connection, the St. Augustine Connection links residents with local causes, organizations, and businesses in St. Augustine, Florida.

Florida Authors and Books Lovers was created to help make Florida authors more visible online, and to help connect local authors with book lovers from across the world. 

Authors and Book Lovers United is a group connecting lovers of the written word worldwide.
You can also find it on Instagram.

Connects Southern authors with lovers of southern fiction and stories set in the South.

A local networking group created to give local St. Augustine authors a space to connect, share news, and help lift each other up.

Sine Boe is passionate about gardening and growing food for her family without pesticides. Since 2020, she has been sharing her knowledge of plants and growing a garden at her gardening site 

The West Augustine Improvement Association was founded in 1956 by local teacher Nellie Meade out of concern for the upkeep of the black cemeteries in West Augustine and to support the betterment of the community. The organization is currently raising funds to restore two of the oldest African American cemeteries in Florida, the Pinehurst and San Sebastian Cemeteries in St. Augustine. 

The West Augustine Nature Society was founded by Sine Boe's children in 2020 after they got tired of seeing trash all over the streets when walking and riding their bikes to school. Throughout the year, the organization hosts community cleanups and partners up with local organizations, clubs, and businesses.

The Zora Neale Hurston in St. Augustine group was originally created to support the efforts of turning a local home where she had lived into a museum. Although, the efforts failed, the group has been turned into a Friends of Zora group that focuses on spreading awareness about Zora Neale Hurston's time in St. Augustine and about her literary works.

If you would like to support any of the causes above, please follow on social media for opportunities.